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So I am having one of those ‘choice of two paths’ moments in my thought life. You know those times when you look down the trail of both choices and contemplate where each might lead. Through contemplation, you realise that neither path is potentially disastrous, but it’s more a case of ending up in two entirely different places and who you end up becoming along the way.

For me, it’s a choice of which area of my business to focus on building out. That line from the movie ‘Field of Dreams’ was echoing through me,

“If you build it, he will come.”

I am at this stage expecting that whatever service I focus on with content development and brand communications I am going to see an inflow of clients requiring that service. So I began to ask myself the same question I ask my customers and that is,

“What is your heart telling you?”
“What is your story so far?”

In responding to these questions, I journey out a discovery of my identity. I find the answers come from a place of reconnecting with who I am.

Discovering who you are and from that discovery, knowing with full confidence what to do and where you need to be.


I realise that I am a storyteller who’s on a mission of finding my authentic voice, and as this is the season I am in, I am perfectly placed to help others on a similar journey.

As well as being a storyteller, I am a strategist and visionary who understands the power of story and its connective energy. As people approach me with ideas and dreams, I picture the destination of realising those dreams in their full vibrancy. A program also seems to run through my mind on;

  • all the possible paths to that destination,
  • what situations may arise along each path,
  • how to strategically avoid certain roads,
  • and deal with the challenges found upon others.

Knowing this, I see what next steps are to take, and I also recognize the area that I love to connect with others in service. I love helping people find their authentic voice as a storyteller.

Minutes later the phone rings.

By conversation’s end, I have a new client who’s wanting help in developing a story brief for their brand. I’m looking forward to taking the first few steps with them in the journey of drawing out their story.