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So I’ve got through today and to be honest it’s just been one of those ordinary days where I chip away on some video editing work, and catch up on the social media news feeds. As I’m scrolling through, I explore a few of business pages I follow. Sure enough, I came across an example of those faceless, call-to-action posts that just seem to serve out like a bowl of white rice…

…and I’m like, “is that it?”

I mean, what kind of response do brands expect if all they ever lead with is features and benefits with a side of features and benefits?!!

We are humans first, consumers second.

Now more than ever, culture is critical for brands. In some way, brands must be effecting positive transformation through their engagement with their staff, the public, with the environment, or possibly a charity. I completely understand that not all brand offerings are overly exciting when it comes to their function or purpose. Weekly news of a business that manufactures office supplies might not exactly be viral material, but what interesting objects could be created out of 20 pencil cases, six pens, glue, a chair and five stacks of post-it notes?

Or what about the science and technology behind the making of office supplies? Consider the company who makes Scotchguard, 3M. They have a Twitter following of 121’000. Here’s why,

“We are leveraging Twitter to help our customers become more familiar with the science and technology behind our products,” said Amy Lamparske, 3M’s Global Social Media Leader. “We’ve noticed that the more a customer knows about 3M, the more brand loyalty and intent to purchase that creates.” 3M is educating its community about science, not just its products.”

A living engagement between brand and community thrives on an understanding of identity. Know who you are and who your community is. The next step from there is creatively connecting the characters.