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So I am driving down the highway to Mullumbimby for a day of video production at a client’s office. Nearing town, I decided to pay a visit to Scarecrow’s Kitchen for a morning coffee, wondering if I would happen to meet the barista there who had shared stories about their experiences with first-nation tribes. I found the stories fascinating and was hoping to reignite the conversation.

As fate would have it, there they were in the cafe, on a day off, but had the same idea for coffee and chill. The conversation, this time, led to a bit more of their present story and the decisions they were navigating through. What was most interesting is that they were experiencing a ‘choice of two paths’ moment.

On one hand they were considering the option to uproot and travel to new countries. This idea I could tell provided a sense of exhilaration in their minds and understandably so! I do love myself a bit of an adventure.

On the other hand, they had been experiencing some connections to where they currently reside and by the sounds of it felt in their heart that they had found a place to call home and settle indefinitely.

I hear this often, in fact, I heard it from myself just yesterday. Different contextual framework but I could see they were walking through the same chapter as I was within my story.

When you become aware of the season you are in for your story, usually people in similar seasons will cross your path.


I knew this to be an opportunity to share on identity, values, and following the heart. While I’m sharing, I could see the ease appear across their face as the message of being true to the heart seemed to resonate with their inner identity. They too are on a heart journey of discovering an authentic identity.

The decisions that we face as individuals and as brands are not dissimilar. Often the remedy for any sense of confusion or double-mindedness is a situation of the heart arguing with the head. It is through conversation that we can be guided back through our story and reconnect with our character, our identity.

The choice in the next step to take is found in centering upon true identity.