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Brand Workshops

Welcome to the booking page for Brand Storyboarding sessions.

Brands can become a reflection of who we are and what we value. This level of connection is achieved through establishing a clear identity via consistent messaging through stories. Utilising the structure of how a story is told, brand storyboarding produces documented guidelines to authentic brand communication. A framework to simplify our thinking and gain clarity on the best route to the marketplace.

Clothing truth in stories is a powerful way to get people to open the doors of their minds to the truth you carry

Annette Simmons

Author, The Story Factor

Virtual Storyboarding Brand Sessions

Virtual sessions will involve an online linkup via skype (or similar) where we will share screens and complete a step-by-step process to build the structure of your brand’s story to the point where you are ready to roll out advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Brand Workshops

If you are based on the east coast of Australia then the option is available to have me present with you, running workshops for developing brand identity, brand connection, market research, and brand story.
The four workshops presently available are
workshop 1: the six layers of identity
workshop 2: the power and purpose of story
workshop 3: the five levels of connection
workshop 4: presenting to camera and scriptwriting

Brand Storyboarding is

…about how we can better clothe brands with important truths. It’s a strategic process of building the look, feel, and language ready for brand story development. Increasing the ease at which a brand can be understood.

Brand Storyboarding is

…a look at the obstacles to connection. Until all obstacles are removed, the brand could be seen as unoriginal, confusing, or inconsistent with its messaging.

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workshop 1: the six layers of brand identity

2 X 2hr sessions

the value

In these sessions we will:

  • explore the layers of brand identity and use practical examples to help impart foundational wisdom to building brand legacy.
  • experience a brand-life a cleanse, filtering out the identity-antigens that are corrupting your brand life-force.
  • establish a brand identity charter, which will enable you to quickly assess all entry points to your brand, engage efficiently with creatives and affiliates and empower their minds with a clear vision of your brand.
  • obtain the power for your brand to be identifiable in the marketplace.
  • give means to streamline your brand induction program thus increasing efficiency surrounding the activation of contractors, affiliates and staff.

workshop 2: the power and purpose of story

1 X 2hr + 1 X 3hr session

the value

In these sessions we will:

  • define the purpose of story in the modern marketing mix.
  • discover whether your identity charter rings true as we explore stories to give testimony of the brand’s identity.
  • identify what makes a story resonate.
  • cover the benefits of cultural intelligence and explore practically how we can boost cultural IQ as storytellers.
  • practically build a story around your brand for demonstration purposes, highlighting how story helps to achieve brand-connection objectives.
  • lightly explore story-production, story-management, and story distribution.

workshop 3: the five levels of connection

1 X 3hr session

the value

In these sessions we will:

  • adopt big-brand thinking and look at the five levels of connection that when measured and focused upon, can grow a brand to sustain for generations to come.
  • look at brand communication with the purpose of engagement,
    inspiration and motivation.
  • develop an analysis mechanism for brand engagement that serves to become the foundation for measuring connection and pointing towards what areas of engagement need focus.
  • note every point of contact your brand currently has with your community.
  • gain a shared understanding of the identity of who you are wanting to connect with.
  • impart the wisdom of a seasoned explorer and master gardener

workshop 4: presenting to camera and scriptwriting

4 X 2hr session

Develop skills in both presenting to camera and scriptwriting. Highly valuable skills for businesses who realise the need for story-media production for successful marketing and advertisement campaigns. This course is ideal for those:

  • preparing for an audition.
  • wanting to get a feel for the TV industry.
  • desiring to improve on-camera confidence.
  • needing to increase their presenting folio.
  • interested in developing their form in scriptwriting.
  • wanting a writing style to suit your personality and the ability to interpret a script and make it shine!
  • wanting to unlock all the verbal and non-verbal techniques used to enhance connection and sustain engagement with an audience.
  • improve your first and last impressions on camera
  • learn the mechanics of the voice and be trained in the ways to warm up and keep your voice healthy.
  • understand and overcome nervousness